Oil that is used for protecting and preserving teak wood is called teak oil. Teak is prized for the different qualities that it possesses. It is known to be one of the most durable woods and it is waterproof, resistant to sun damages and mold proof as well. It has natural oil content due to which the wood needs to be used by it and not with sealants and varnishes. For those who wish to preserve the wood wish to add a layer of protection to the wood from time to time. For that reason many apply teak oil on items made of this hardwood.
Different teak wood furniture
There are casings, boat shells and outdoor or handcrafted furniture that are designed out of teak wood. The wood was used to create window casings in olden day homes and buildings as well as decks and outdoor flooring. That is mainly due to the strength and durability properties of the wood. It is resistant to the damaging effects of the sunlight and water and hence it is a wood that can withstand weather conditions when used on outdoor constructions. Teak wood can take care of itself as it is rich in natural oil content. Visit this link http://www.alstin.com.au/ if you are looking for more type of furniture.
Advice of experts
Those who are experts in the usage of hardwoods like teak will advise against the use of paint, sealants and varnish on teak wood. Such products impair the natural ability of the wood to care for it as the natural oil secretion process is hampered when artificial products are used on the wood surface. Hence, those who use teak for handcrafted furniture in Melbourne usually use the bare wood and probably teak oil and nothing else. 

Treating teak
Furniture made from teak is known to last for decades. You might have teak furniture that has been lying outside for years like teak boats. If so, these can be good candidates for getting a coat of teak oil. That is required in areas where the salt content in water is high which can strip the wood of its natural oils over time. Teak oil is synthetic oil that mimics the oil found in the teak lumber. Hence, it helps to enhance the protective nature of the wood and helps to restore its shine and glory.
Sourcing teak oil
Those who sell teak wood and related products usually stock up on the teak oil as well. These can also be sourced from lumber companies or home repair stores. The oil has UV protection which can protect the furniture items from weather elements. The Marine teak oil helps to improve moisture resistant properties of teak that is used in the making of boats. It is advised that you source teak oil from known and reputed brands or stores.