Are you looking to rearrange your bedroom? Perhaps you have outgrown your current décor or feel that turning your bedroom into a room that is relaxing and beautiful is more appropriate than having the same room you did when you were twelve. Whatever your reasons for redecorating we have some tips on how you could get started.

Do your research

You will want to start by doing some research. This may sound boring but it can actually be quite fun. Spend some time flipping through magazines or go online and search for beautiful bedrooms or bedrooms decorated in your favourite colour. You will want to save the pictures you like and start creating your mood board. This will allow you to get an idea of what you like and may want your room to look like. Even if you start out with no clear idea, as you pick images you like you may notice a common theme – lots of a particular colour or an interest in large wall art or you may have saved pictures of brightly coloured stickers quirky duvet covers.

Start small

If you aren’t ready to completely change your room or do something drastic then start small. You could begin by rearranging your furniture. This is often the easiest way to change things up. You may find that you no longer need a floor lamp or that you have one too many cushions. Keep the minimal amount of furniture in your room. Another option is to just switch up your wall décor. You can find beautiful inspirational wall decals online today that could add some character to your room.

Inspirational wall decals are also a great way to change things up and they aren’t drastic because if you get tired of the quote you can always change it by peeling it off easily! You can hang up one or two art prints of your choice to add some colour.

Create a calm environment

Your bedroom should be the place where you go to rest, relax and recharge, so your goal should be to make it as cozy as possible. Consider painting your walls a light colour like a soft grey or a warm white. Even a pale pink or lavender colour would be soothing. Light or white coloured bedding is also beautiful and inviting and your bed will constantly look fresh. You can add some pops of colour with a brightly patterned duvet cover or accent pillows. Try layering patterns and plain colours on your bed to add some interest. Also the mix and match approach can make things look cute and cozy which is what you should aim for!