If you want to refurbish or redecorate your tiny apartment or house but you do not want the hassle of an interior designer and do not have the time to go around shopping as you like, then try these small tips for making the redecorating simple yet effective.•         Smaller rooms should be the pastel shaded onesIf you colour a room in a lighter pastel shade then it will make the room seem bigger. So for your smallest rooms, go crazy with the pastel shades and it will also be easier for you to incorporate thrift shop items as they will not look out of place in a plain background but instead will stand out like antiques. If you have the capacity to replace windows or buy mirrors then go for large windows to let in lots of sunlight for smaller rooms and larger rooms for the reflective ability to make it seem as if the room is extending far back even if it not. The light being reflecting gives off optical illusions for your guests and it will save your electricity bills when you have large windows.•         The hype of decorative mirrorsThere is such a thing called decorative mirrors which when placed in front of windows or sources of lights, creates a vibrant lighting effect inside your house. The mirror does not have to be large in size and they come in different patterned surfaces (reflects light differently inside your room) and also if you get the raw mirror and frame it on your own you save a lot of money and you can suit it up to your theme.•         Be daring when decoratingMost of the interior decorators nowadays advice on adding small patches of light and unusual yet elegant items like gloria petyarre which will add a touch of uniqueness. There is no need to go for a strict pattern or go for the same gradient in your rooms. Be bold and mix up patterns and colors in areas. Go for stripes on your floors and then squares for your cushions in a different bold shade. Make your rooms fit your personality and add tiny pieces of your charm into it by adding small sentimental items.Pieces of art can make or break a room so be careful when choosing a painting to fit to your room. Larger paintings are good for lighter shaded rooms and smaller paintings hung in front of gaps of the walls can add to the charm of a darker shaded room. Works like kathleen petyarre artworks for sale can fit into any room without issue. Let your inner interior designer do the work and let loose when picking items, but make sure that there is a place you can fit it into before making the payment.