How We Come to this World

We come into this world completely oblivious of what to do. We do not know how to do the things we need to do. We don’t know how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, let alone know how to control our bladders. Our motor skills aren’t developed enough for us to do a good occupation in a good place. We haven’t developed our intellectual skills to be able to argue and form opinions about world issues. A new born babe don’t know about social issues, racial discrimination, and the climate changes of the world that are slowly killing us and about sexual discrimination.

What Children Need – A Good Foundation

So children need to have a good foundation for them to be good and intelligent citizens of the universe. Doctors, astronauts, criminal lawyers, football players, environmentalists or humanitarians don’t crop up from nowhere. They need to have the skill, the experience and the desire to do their job right. So childhood becomes the formative years that create the adults we will become someday.

How Parents Influence Children

Initially our parents are the most influential people in our worlds. We haven’t stepped out into society and we don’t know any other people to go to receive advice and guidance from. What our parents teach us will become our moral codes, because we won’t know anything else until we go to school, or meet big personalities of our societies and counties, who have their own opinions about how the world should be run. Children who go to school will meet teachers who will influence them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, a child will be surrounded by fellow peers who will come from different societies, backgrounds and cultures. This will illuminate him even more.

How School Influence Children

School children get the opportunity to learn about various subjects like maths, science, religion, history, geography, music and art. The arts and crafts kits in Australia given to them by their parents will allow them to learn how to draw from the beginning. Music instruments will allow them to learn how to play music. Repetition of mathematical sums will allow them to be good in maths. Subjects like history and English literature will teach them how to write long essays. Geography will teach them how to draw maps according to a scale. Religion will give them a good moral code about what is virtuous and what is wrong.

Thus in this manner children are taught as well as made to experience life.